BOfficers and Board Members

President: John Goosen

Vice President: Tanja Frye

Secretary: David Hoke

Treasurer: Dave Hoke

AKC Delegate: Ron Ainley 

Chichaqua Liaison: John Goossen

​Board Members:

Bruce Mountain

Jim Meyer


MIRC has an abundance of experienced trainers, handlers, and hunters to help guide you through your journey of picking a pup, training them, and enjoying them! Feel free to contact any of the officers listed with any questions or concerns about the club. They would all be happy to help in any way.


Also, don't forget to plan to attend any of our fun or licensed events. Here you will see first hand what these retrievers are capable of doing as well as have the opportunity to meet and get to know a number of very experienced handlers.


MIRC hosts all their events at Chichaqua Wildlife Area.


8700 NE 126th Ave.

Maxwell, IA 50161